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Shows to watch while quarantined...

Welcome to “TO BE CONTINUED? The series” where I decide if a television/streaming series is worth continuing to watch. I’ll be reviewing popular series that I’ve either never seen, seen at least once, forgotten about seeing, or watched for at least an entire season. I don’t ask for much when it comes to shows... just natural humor, genuine suspense, and/or substantial creativity. I’m going to start with some of my all-time favorites to give an idea of my type of comedy or drama.

30 Rock - I don’t know how many awards this has, but it needs more. Steady comedy. Hall of fame cast.

Breaking Bad - I really wish I was up on this in real time, but it’s timeless, so it didn’t matter.

Broad City - Why isn’t this talked about more? Abbi and Ilana are like the best comedy duo ever next to Will and Carlton (“The Fresh Prince”).

Dear White People - Conscious and hilarious… hard to pull off, let alone consistently.

Family Guy - Might be the funniest show period, but definitely best cartoon, low-key longevity, too. And underrated is the actual animation style. I think it’s easy on the eyes. It’s come a long way since its original iteration. Speaking of which, it got cancelled, and made a strong comeback, so I think it deserves props for that.

Flight of the Conchords - This needs to come back on air and keep going. I’m surprised there aren’t more music themed comedy shows. The main characters Bret and Jermaine, and even their manager have some of the best chemistry I’ve ever seen.

House - Not sure why this ended, but the degree of difficulty alone gets it a top 10 show ever. I’m curious to know how they would’ve featured the coronavirus. One of the best blends of comedy and drama ever. I can’t even think of second place when it comes to this show. I don’t even think it’s close.

Lost - This might be the most “gotta pay attention” show ever. I was confused for most of it, but in a good way. It kept me coming back. They made the most out of a primarily one setting show.

Luther - Idris needs more shows. He’s like the Denzel of show series, for me. Hope he gets through the coronavirus. Bless his health.

Married with Children - The most underrated show of all-time. Wish there was a 2020 version of it. The entire cast is funny. I don’t think you see that often on other shows. This is the only show I actually have the entire box set of DVDs for. Not that I’m watching DVDs in this day and age.

Atlanta - Nice to see a colored cast be able to be quirky and not corny. Second season was weird, but the first season helped this show make my favorites list.

Insecure - Nice to see a black female comedy lead. Why so rare? Anyway, the 3rd season didn't hit as hard as the first 2, but still appointment television on my calendar.

Ozark - This one caught me out of nowhere. It filled the Breaking Bad/money laundering void for me, personally. Solid suspense and realness. And even touches of humor throughout.

Power - My moms used to watch this one and I didn’t understand why, but now I get it. RIP Ghost (spoiler). Not all of the cast have the acting chops that could’ve made this show more elite, but the overall story arc was good enough. Tommy and Ghost were dynamic.

Weeds - One of the funniest and creative cable shows. It was really slept on. As outrageous as some of the scenes got, it all still felt like real life. I watched the complete series two times.

You - This is the closest thing to horror that I’ve ever really liked. Creatively done. I’m staying tuned for season 3 based on how season two ended. I already know that’s about to be wild based on how season two ended.

Black Mirror - The wildest show in history… nobody’s touching this one. Beyond creative and keeps you thinking even weeks after watching it.

She's gotta have it - the best film-to-series adaptation I can think of. I think they did Spike Lee justice. I like how they made it touch on a bunch of social issues, and the comedy helped it be digestible.

Turn up Charlie - Great cast, especially the little girl Gab. Idris is the man, and now he's showing versatility by dipping in the comedy bag. Plus I'm a music fan so this wins all around.

How to Get away with Murder - This one is the latest to make my favorites list. I actually never watched it before creating this series list, but I felt it needed to be added. It has creative writing, it got me interested in law now. The title literally describes the show. There’s tension from start to finish. It gives you a unique perspective from a defense law firm and/or murder suspect. There’s like at least three episodes in one, for every single episode. Always plenty of drama, you won’t get bored.