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A dedicated site for music professionals...

I developed a website called YooDoo Music for music professionals seeking musical opportunities. This includes gigs, collaborations and music licensing. YooDoo Music is also a site to post requests for musicians and music. I sought out for YooDoo Music to be both Craigslist and Soundcloud combined, plus even bigger than the two platforms. Users can upload music in bulk and even create playlists based on genre; this allows YooDoo Music to also serve as a music storage/showcase space.

I saw a need to make searching and outreach more efficient for anyone seeking out music work or related people. I have to spend hours on Google and otherwise just to find somewhat relevant things for me (and I’m someone who does many things musically). And not to mention that it’s hard getting in touch with potential collaborators on outlets like social media, because those platforms seem to be focused on getting likes and followers. It’s not the place to talk “business”, so much. There needed to be something specifically catering to music freelancers and artists. So, I addressed all the birds with one stone called YooDoo Music. I’m still improving the site’s look and mechanics, however, it is fully functional and SSL certified. Check it out at www.yoodoomusic.com.

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